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Bodycontrol Program is the first physical coaching program dedicated to patients suffering from osteoarthritis with or without orthopedic prostheses, in partnership with Clinique du Sport de Bordeaux and their ongoing research on « smart » hip prosthesis.

eHealth expertise

Bodycontrol Technologies develops digital solutions in the field of HealthTech, SporTech, MedTech and Digital Therapies for a range of clients within the medical field (from laboratories to hospitals to insurance).

On-line Media

ESANTE.TECH is the first online magazine dedicated to connected health and health innovation. It pioneers regional events in Bordeaux and the New Aquitaine Region on the theme of health innovation. VIV HealthTech held its 3rd annual conference in 2021.

Ours Skills

Health communication strategy
Our medical experts, game designers and developers work hand in hand to imagine, on all media, games capable of educating your patients or training your teams.
Mobile applications
We live with our smartphones all the time. It is therefore logical that this companion is now part of the therapeutic arsenal used to treat many pathologies.
Serious Game
Our medical experts, game designers, storytellers and developers work hand in hand to imagine, on all media, serious games capable of educating your patients or training your healthcare teams.
Analysis and optimization of patient journeys
Thanks to our knowledge in e-health, we imagine with you the digital services of tomorrow in order to improve the patient journey.
Event planning
We organize your eHealth event in all its dimensions: program, logistics, communication…
Augmented Reality
The smartphone has become a fun way to superimpose digital images on reality. This principle of augmented reality also applies to the medical field to provide the patient or caregiver with contextualized information.
Mentoring for startups specializing in connected health
We support the creators of start-ups in the implementation of their e-sanré project: marketing targeting, business plan, communication plan, search for financing…
Audiovisual production
Our audiovisual production company produces your corporate or product films to feed your brand content strategy.
Virtual Reality and Métavers
Virtual reality is now part of the educational means dedicated to the medical profession. It is also used to treat certain psychological conditions or to contribute to the well-being of the patient during an intervention.


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The magazine

Bodycontrol Program

The mobile application

The Bodycontrol Program application is dedicated to patients suffering from osteoarthritis or equipped with orthopedic prostheses. It improves quality of life by reducing pain and encouraging joint mobility. The application is currently undergoing clinical testing with patients.

The Smart Hip

In partnership with the Bordeaux Sports Clinic, INRIA, and other prosthesis manufacturers, we have initiated a research project, which will develop a hip prosthesis capable of the early detection of certain anomalies over time (dislodgement, premature wear, infection, etc.).